How to Speak English Fluently


I am going to explain 3 simple ways you can learn how to speak English fluently.  Now keep in mind, these are not the only ways to speak English fluently, however, they are the best ways.

  1. Memorize phrases
    • Creating full sentences with grammar and vocabulary is too difficult.  It takes too much time to do, and you make a lot of mistakes. It is quicker to say a phrase you have memorized.
    • When you create a sentence and then say it, you make a lot of mistakes.  Memorizing phrases ensures you say the right sentences without any mistakes.
    • It is slow to create your own sentence.  It is quicker to say a phrase you have memorized.
  2. Visualize saying phrases
    • Visualizing while memorizing phrases helps you memorize them faster.
    • It will help you remember the phrases better.
  3. Practice saying phrases
    • Practicing saying phrases gives your speaking muscles great exercise.
    • You should practice saying phrases many, many times.
    • You should practice slow at first with perfect pronunciation.  You can say them faster as you practice more.
    • The more you practice saying phrases, the more fluent you will become.

So, the more you memorize, visualize, and practice saying English phrases, the more fluent you will become at speaking English.

If you want some good English phrases to memorize, go to this YouTube channel

Please comment if you have any questions about memorizing phrases.

Good Luck!

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